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Long time no bog!

Life is busy, bogging has been pushed to the back burner 🙂

Just a note that if you join my yahoo group and check my last message there you can get in on some custom yarn.  PLEASE check the message for the colorways being offered.

Have a wonderful day!


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My biggest yarn stocking to date. February 13th at 2pm est.

Hi All,

I will be stocking 11 skeins of yarn in various colorways all with trim skeins, or optional trim skeins.  I am very excited about this stocking, and I hope to see you there!

When? February 13th at 2pm est, 11am pst
Why? Because you love pretty yarn!

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Colorways for tomorrow’s stocking! (February 7th 2pm eastern)









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Long time no blog.

It’s been awhile since I updated my blog (woops!). Family life has been busy, but fun. Lots of snow days, and also lots of yarn dyeing!

Here are a few skeins that will be stocking in my store on February 2nd.


unnamed 4


Sweet Heart


More to come soon!

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New colorways for 2008.

I stocked a bunch of these last week, and have two of them previewing for semi-customs. I have had so much fun creating these colorways. My customers seem to have liked them, and I plan to repeat them all throughout early 2008 until people become sick of them and I move on to something new. Expect to see a lot of yarn from me this coming year.

Here are the ones I did over the last 10 days or so, excluding those in my last 2 entries.

Top to Bottom: ‘Monster’, ‘Galaxy’, ‘Ornate Butterfly Fish’, ‘Emo’, and ‘Brooklyn’

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More custom dyed yarn. More instock coming soon.

Thanks for the recent replies! I’m glad that people are interested in my yarn. I am really enjoying dyeing lately, so I imagine plenty will be showing up in my store. I have 2 colors ways scheduled to stock tomorrow. One is on Marr Haven, and one is on Beaverslide. Both are 8ozs.

Here are 2 that I dyed custom this week:

Unless I think of a better name, this one will be called Squishyface. My friend whom I dyed this for jokingly said if I let her, she would name it Squishyface. The name is starting to stick, lol! This is very similar to the one of the colorways going up tomorrow.

This on was a request for my Candyland colorway with lavender added to it

I dyed 16ozs of this colorway this week, but they are already sold. It is called Caribbean Rain Forest.

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Lately I’ve really enjoyed dyeing yarn. I dyed some yarn for a friend to knit a newborn longies/hat set as part of trade. Here it is, and I cannot wait to knit it up!


This huge order is all for one lucky mama! This is the largest custom yarn dye order I have done to date. I was nervous, but took it slow and I think it came out lovely. There are 6 skeins (24ozs) of the main colorway, and 4 skeins (16ozs)

in matching solid colors

Same yarn, 2 different pics:

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Ian and I just got back from the beautiful Puget Sound area of Washington State.  He should have a job offer coming in the mail shortly!  We found an apartment complex that we like, and they will allow us to bring our dog!  Macky (the english bulldog) will be staying behind with our dear friend Brian.  We will continue training him until we move in July.  We just wouldn’t go without Easy, and I am so glad it wasn’t a problem finding a dog friendly apartment complex.

In business news, I’ve taken a short “break” which really means that I am just knitting at a fast pace rather than a super duper fast pace.  I’ve kept my list to 5 people or less vs. 10+ which has been keeping my stress level down over the holidays.  I have exactly 4 items to get out the door in the next week or so, plus 1 large yarn order and that is it!

I am trying to decide what to do next.  Should I stock Hudson Hats? Dyed yarn? Semi-custom slots? Total-custom slots? YYMN slots?  I just don’t know….   Feel free to comment with ideas 🙂  I am also considering just focusing on designing patterns and skipping all the other stuff.

Here are some pictures of recent items I’ve finished for your viewing pleasure.  Leave comments please!  I love comments.

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More warm hat goodness….

On Wednesday I am releasing my second pattern. This one is for a fabulously simple ear flap hat. I find this hat perfect to pair with knitted longies, which is why I am granting permission for WAHM’s to sell this hat either by itself or as a set with a pair of pants. Check it out here – Ky Baby Ear Warmer Hat

Pamela Grossman worked with me as technical editor, so you can be assured this pattern is written clearly! She is fabulous. Pamela also helped to edit The Hudson Pattern which is selling well!

In closing, please say hello to the newest member of the Baker Clan. He is quickly learning his manners and his place within the Baker pack. I hope he continues to do well and stay with us forever. Macky the Bulldog:


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Hudson Hat Pattern Release November 28th.

After many, many revisions the Hudson Hat pattern will be available for purchase on November 28th. I chose that date because it’s the day my twin daughters turn 2. It seemed fitting enough 🙂

I hope you all rush out and buy it and start knitting your own darling Hudson Hats!

Click the picture to go to my store front and buy the pattern.

Hudson Hat

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